Classic Car Restoration

Classic Car Repair & Restoration

If you own a classic car then you know the expenses that come along with it.  Regular repairs and maintenance are a must if you want your classic running year round.  At Car Care Unlimited we take in pride in our ability to restore and repair older cars correctly the first time around.  Many of the services we offer on new cars and trucks are offered on the older classics as well. Click here to view a list of services we offer.

When it comes to restorations, it’s not easy going through an older vehicle to make it new again. It takes an expertise and craftmanship that take years to learn and develop. Thankfully, we have the experience needed to develop a plan and restore your classic, making it better than when it was new. Stop by the shop and talk to Tom Martin and you will quickely see why our customers are loyal and won’t take their classic vehicles anywhere else.