At Car Care Unlimited, we have a variety of welding tools to get your job done.  If you are not sure exactly what technique you need then give us a call or come into the store.  We will give you a recommendation, guide you through the entire process and give you a bid on the job, all free of charge!

Acetylene (commonly called oxyacetylene welding, oxy welding, or gas welding in the U.S.) is the primary fuel for oxy-fuel welding and is the fuel of choice for repair work and general cutting and welding.  When mixed with oxygen in a torch, the flame can reach around 6000°F. 

Brazing, which also uses our acetylene torch, is a technique used to join two metals together by melting a filler metal into the joint.  The filler metal will have a lower melting point than the other two metals so the filler is the only thing being melted here.  One big advantage of brazing is that virtually any metallic material can be combined. 

Mig Welding, also known as metal inert gas or metal active gas welding, is a process where an powerful electric arc forms from touching the Mig electrode wire to the work piece metal.  This creates a large amount of heat, causing them to melt and join together.  This type of welding yields higher quality welds in a shorter time period.

We have trained staff that can take care of a large variety of metal fabrication jobs.  Please bring your idea in for us to look at, we can discuss a plan give you a bid on the job.