Tire Services

At Car Care Unlimited, we carry a nice selection of the most popular tires.  Anything that’s not in stock can be ordered and delivered to the store quickly.  If you are not sure what to get then we can make a recommendation for you.

When is it time to replace my tires?
Tire treads are measured in 32nds of an inch and the US Department of Transportation recommends that you replace them when the depth reaches 2/32″.  There is an easy way to measure this called the Penny Test.  Take a penny and place it head first into the grooves of your tire.  If you can see the top of Lincolns head, your tires are worn out and need replacing.  If that’s the case, it’s usaully better to replace all 4 at the same time.  Even if the other tires are not as worn down.

If you find yourself with a tire that is flat or is a lot more deflated than your other tires, bring it in, we may be able to repair it for you and save you the cost of a new tire.  We will remove the tire from the wheel and inspect it from the inside for and damage.  Small holes in the top of the tread can be repaired with a plug and a patch for a small fee.  Any damage or holes in the side of the tire are not repairable so the tire will have to be replaced.

The winter months can really cause a lot of damage to the roads we drive on a daily basis, the biggest damage being potholes.  Anytime you hit a pothole with your car it can change the alignment of your wheels which causes rapid and uneven tire wear.  At Car Care Unlimited, we will check and adjust all your vehicles steering and suspension components to get your wheels properly aligned again.  A properly aligned car will improve tire life, maximize fuel efficiency and enhance your driving control.

Tire rotation is a great way to maximize your tires life and improve safety.  When you rotate your tires, you reposition the tires in specific patterns from either front to back or side to side.  This is done so that the tread ware is spread evenly across all four tires.  For example, the back tires on a rear wheel drive car can wear faster because the rear wheels are responsible for acceleration.  Tires should be rotated every 5000 miles, which is at every oil change for most people.

Are you picking up some extra vibration coming from your steering wheel when you drive down the road?  Is the tread on one of your tires wearing down faster than the other?  If so, You may need to balance your tires.